Our story

The initial thought behind SprayVision’s founding in 2018 was to improve coating quality, bring objective approach to process control and production financial savings. Founders Petr Jahn and Vojtěch Roul have had a long time experience in a paint industry. It was ineffectiveness and lack of optimization that made them change the situation. There was an opportunity and a potential. Here’s where SprayVision grounds where made.

“It took us 2 years to deliver customers our first product.”, says Petr. Our team of professionals started working on a brand new technology – compatible software and hardware. “Unlike for software, where we can see the results immediately, hardware has to be tested, always and many times to deliver the best result. Therefore we have to set aside more time to see the results.”, says Vojtěch, Co-founder and CTM. The core for our technology are paint savings, decrease of scrap during the production process and coating quality improvement.

“What we have seen in a coating market, it just wasn’t it. We had an idea and made it a solution.”
Petr Jahn, Co-founder

Our team consists of professionals and experts, who share the same values, work ethic and desire to constantly explore new solutions. We always stress the importance of constant development, individual approach and discovering new solutions. SprayVision philosophy lies in optimization and digitalization via data-driven approach. We believe in sustainable progress which can save time and finances. Optimize coating via data-driven approach with SprayVision!