Advanced coating training

Want to enhance your technical knowledge and skills so you can carry out your own coating specialists? Our team of trainers and experts from field are ready to deliver experience-based training that takes you through all aspects of coating technology and inspections.

If you want training tailored to your exact needs, we can create customised courses on a range of subjects. This could include coating systems, surface treatment, paint application and more – all delivered at your location at a pace that suits you.

Optimization of coating process

Integrating the coating process and coating selection with your production needs reduces costs, increases productivity and improves competitiveness. With our coating process optimisation programme we help you engineer a coating solution to match your production strategy.

The coating process is often a bottleneck for production. We are offers advice and services to enable you to optimise your coating processes. Our team has wide experience of painting processes in large scale manufacturing.

Developing of new projects

Together with our partner company GALATEK a.s. The research and development workplace focuses on verification of new progressive technologies.

The workplace includes progressive technologies of surface pre-treatment, such as flaming, snow blasting (cryosnow) or ionization. The workplace is equipped with two robots for application of paint coats and hardening with UV lamps. Drying of applied layers is also possible by means of a conventional method. The workplace is equipped with a number of application devices for all types of paints, including UV varnishes. In order to simulate continual or tact operation the workplace is provided with overhead and floor power-free conveyors that use several methods to rotate suspensions. The workplace also has a laboratory as its integral part, equipped with necessary instruments to verify basic parameters of the completed surface treatments.